No Bones About It

When diving into a basket of chicken wings, do you grab for the little drumettes? Of course you do. They are so much easier to eat than the flat pieces. Do you struggle with knowing the best way to eat the flat wing pieces, especially since they are all that is left in the basket? Most of us simply eat around the little bones resigned to the fact that we will never get all the meat.  Don’t be discouraged, help is on the way! 

Having shared a delicious, healthier version of chicken wings (look 2 posts back), it’s time to learn how to eat them!  Did you know there is a right way to eat flat chicken wings? I didn’t until I discovered this short instructional video on Youtube.  Funny and informative, it is sure to change the way you eat chicken wings. No bones about it.

About Barbara Goldstein

I am the Director of Corporate Communications for Neoteric Cosmetics, makers of Alpha Skin Care. Alpha Skin Care is passionate about making products with naturally powerful ingredients that really work. We want to help women make informed decisions about their skin care needs and the products they choose.
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