The Art and Class of Autumn de Forest


This summer, we are honored to be featuring the artwork of child prodigy artist Autumn de Forest on our blog and social media sites.  The Converse High Top Sneakers featured on our sites were part of a special project.  Chuck Taylor All-Star “Cherish” High Top Sneaker was a Limited Edition Series created for Nordstrom’s.  The work of young artists like Autumn was replicated on Converse shoes for kids.

Autumn’s father first discovered her budding gift at the age of 5.  Her work is bright, bold and full of energy.  Autumn often blends styles and influences to create unique compositions that are truly her own. 

Not only is Autumn a talented artist, she is also an emerging philanthropist.  Her charitable efforts include raising funds for musical instruments for underprivileged kids and Opportunity Village an organization serving people with intellectual disabilities. After the disasters in Haiti and Japan, Autumn donated proceeds from her work to assist the victims in each country. She has designed yoga mats for Bent On Learning, a foundation that teaches yoga to NYC public school children and created a special tribute painting with proceeds going to the Hurricane Sandy NJ Relief Fund.  The list continues.

At the tender age of 15, Autumn has had many great honors but two are particularly noteworthy. She is the recipient of the Giuseppe Sciacca Award for Arts and Culture given by the Vatican. She was one of a handful of young people selected who are changing the world for the better.  Autumn went to Rome, accepted the award, met with Pope Francis and presented a painting to him call “Resurrection”.  


She also works with the President’s Committee on Arts and Humanities going to underprivileged schools to work and paint with the kids. Autumn is not only a gifted artist but a compassionate humanitarian. Although still very young, she is an example and a role model for people of all ages. We are delighted to be able to share this amazing young woman and her work with our audience.

For more information about Autumn and her work visit or follow her on Facebook.

Disclosure:  The author of this blog Barbara Goldstein and Autumn’s mother, Katherine de Forest are friends and have known each other since 1972.




About Barbara Goldstein

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