Diabetes and American Veterans


There are 18.8 million veterans or more living in America today, 7% of the adult population. One in four or approximately 5 million of them are living with diabetes. Diabetes can often lead to additional health concerns like gum disease, poor vision and poor circulation. Poor circulation is one of the most common concerns and may cause extremely dry, damaged skin on extremities, especially lower legs and feet.  Severely dry skin can result in wounds and sores that do not heal and become aggravated and inflamed. Left untreated, wounds and sores may worsen and, in the worst cases can lead to the amputation of toes and feet.

Prevention is the best ways to avoid excessively dry skin due to diabetes. Our Neoteric Diabetic Advanced Healing Cream soothes rough dry skin, improves circulation and increases blood flow when applied to the skin.

On Your Feet

Clinically proven and patented, an oxygenated oil is the key ingredient.  Oxygen helps increase blood flow to affected areas.  Increased blood flow helps to promote healing and the rich formula soothes rough, dry damaged skin.

Available nationwide, Neoteric Diabetic Advanced Healing Cream costs just $10 and can be the difference between pain and relief for those living with extremely dry skin due to diabetes.  As we enter shorter and cold dry winter days, now is a great time to start a preventive care program.  

Look for Neoteric Diabetic Advanced Healing Cream the next time you or a loved one are out gathering the essentials or visit our website for more information and direct purchasing links. Click Me!

Neoteric Diabetic products would like to thank the millions who have served and their families for their time, dedication, and sacrifices they have made to protect this great country.


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